Are you inspired by the adventures of Indiana Jones and dream about becoming an adventurous Archaeologist? Check out university courses listed below if you consider studying Archaeology,  Archaeological studies at undergrad bachelor, master degree courses level in Australia. More non Archaeology subject areas here :

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Archaeology prepares grads for employment in academia, archaeological projects and expeditions, museum work, explorer, researcher or a national heritage consultant.
  • Archaeology is commonly studied in conjunction with related degrees such as Anthropology or Ancient History.
  • Professional archaeologists are involved with tracing, exploration, investigating, discovery and excavation of archaeological sites, and the interpretation of artefacts discovered.
  • Visit this link to find out more about using your Australian Universities degrees in Archaeology, to work as an archaeologist.
  • Interested in digging for dinosaurs ?
  • Explore ancient aboriginal settlements? Australia has some of the best archaeological sites to explore.
  • Please be aware that job opportunities  in Archaeology related fields are relatively limited, alternate career paths following graduation,  include teaching ( History etc ) at secondary school on completion of a further 12 month diploma

Archaeology degrees available at these universities :

Victoria : VIC

New South Wales : NSW

Queensland : QLD

Western Australia : WA

  • Archaeology  & Cultural studies at University of Western Australia : UWA

South Australia : SA

Australian Capital Territory : ACT

  More non Archaeology subject areas here :