Law, Legal Studies,  undergrad, bachelor, LLB LLM or Master of Laws, JD (Juris Doctor) degree courses at Australian universities are listed here. But just a moment ! Before you apply to study law, find out why this US Law graduate is suing his university ! And he is not alone …
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US law grad sues law school cause she can’t get a job

Have you done a detail analysis  into what  Law degrees entails ? Are you sure you  want to be a lawyer? Is it true Aussie universities produce so many Law grads  which  the Australian economy is unable to absorb ?  A glut of Law graduates may translate to fewer  job opportunities waiting on completion of your degree. So be mindful of this if you still wish to pursue Law.

Why some people choose to study Law

  1. ‘ Earning’ Potential
  2. Opportunity to Help Others
  3. Intellectual Challenge
  4. Work Environment
  5. Transferable Skills
  6. Diverse Practice Areas
  7. Prestige
  •  Which Australian universities offer bachelor degree courses  in Law (LLB) ?
  • What else can I do with good law degree qualifications ?
  • How can one qualify to be a solicitor, barrister, magistrate or a judge?
  • Australian universities offers some of the best places students can  expect.
  • Where can I study Law to  become a solicitor ?
  • Besides ATAR,  which are the prerequisite subjects  at Year 12 ?
  • A bachelor university degree in Law, undergraduate LLB program offer Law grads a good start to Legal services industry
    and employment in roles such as Paralegals, Lawyers, Senior Counsel, Legal Counsel, Solicitor, Magistrate and Barrister or a Judge.
  • As a Law grad one may opt to specialize in these roles.
  • A Barrister is a senior lawyer, they wear wigs and appear in court. Law is is  relevant to every aspect of  human economy from business law ( governs commerce ), civil law (governs civil and social interactions), family law, criminal law, Intellectual Property Law ( also patents, copyrights, trademarks), International Law and Environmental Law.
  • Law education has also been the foundation qualification of many politicians and national leaders.
  • Among political leaders, there are also those not limited by the lack of a Law degree : actors  ( Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ronald Reagan ), teachers ( Steve Bracks), journalists (Sarah Palin), diplomats (Kevin Rudd) theologians (Christina Keneally), Chemists ( Margaret Thatcher, who also studied law), doctors ( Dr. Mahatir ), Physicists ( Angela Merkel).
  • Australia has an unfortunate tradition of treating combined law degrees as a default marker of academic achievement. That is not the case in most countries.
  • If you already have a bachelor degree and wish to pursue a Masters degree in Law LLM  or Jurisprudence  JD etc,  the links below can still be used to access the faculty pages for more info. For other courses at Aussie universities, click the HOME link .

Law degree at these Australian universities :

Victoria : VIC

New South Wales : NSW

  • LLB degree at University of  Newcastle
  • Bachelor of Laws at University of Technology, Sydney : UTS
  • Bachelor of Laws (LLB) at University of Sydney
  • Bachelor of Law course at University of New South Wales : UNSW
  • Distance Legal Education from University of New England : UNE
  • Law at University of Wollongong : UOW
  • Law studies at Southern Cross University : SCU
  • Law studies at Western Sydney University : WSU
  • Law at Macquarie University in Sydney

Queensland : QLD

  • Bachelor of Law at James Cook University :  JCU
  • Law courses at Bond University
  • Law at Queensland University of Technology : QUT
  • Law courses at University of Queensland : UQ
  • Law at Griffith University –  Brisbane
  • Law degree at University of Southern Queensland: USQ

Western Australia : WA

  • Bach of Laws : University of Western Australia : UWA – Perth
  • Bachelor of Laws at Edith Cowan University : ECU – Perth

Tasmania : TAS

  • Law at University of Tasmania : UTAS–  Hobart

South Australia : SA

Northern Territory : NT

  •  Charles Darwin University:  CDU– School of Law and Business

Australian Capital Territory : ACT

Australia wide

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  1. I am an American lawyer. Which means I spent 4 years to earn my bachelors and then 3 years to earn my law degree.

    I have a 16 year old son who will be heaing off to college next year. Like most 16 year olds he has no idea what he wants to do. I have suggested to him that he study for an LLB outside the US. That would give him a useable trade in the time he would only be able to earn a general bachelor’s degree in the states. But I have some questions:

    1. In which countries are LLBs offered?
    2. Are LLBs recognized in the states? In other words, would an LLB be a recognized pre-requisite to taking the bar exam in the US?

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