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  • Which university is best for Drama, Music, Performance Arts or Dance arts ?
  • Besides ATAR, which are the prerequisite HSC Year 12 subjects ?
  • A Music degree opens up employment opportunities as a music teacher at Secondary schools if you complete an additional post grad Education diploma ( 9-12 months ).

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  • Many Oscar winning actors originate from Australia. Eg. Mel Gibson (NIDA), Cate Blanchett( NIDA), Russell Crowe ( NIDA), Sam Worthington (NIDA), Hugh Jackman ( WAAPA), Simon Baker (NIDA), Eric Bana, Rachel Griffith, Toni Collette ( NIDA), Heath Ledger etc
  • A bachelor university degree in Performing or Creative Arts ie. Music, Drama or Dance, offers a grad good opportunities in getting a head start in competitive performing arts, entertainment, television and film & movie industry as a stage performer, movie or TV actor, musician, thespian, dancer, choreographer & stage designer.
  • While it is easy to be dazzled by glitz and glamour of the entertainment art industry, be warned the movie and TV production industry may not offer much job security, often employment is project based and highly dependent on whether your employer (Production Company) wins a contract and keeps staff employed for a specific duration. It is a common perception that at any one time merely 10% of actors are employed in acting roles. It can sometimes be an unforgiving business.
  • Apart from becoming a stage performer, a bachelor degree in music, drama or dance can sometimes lead to careers working behind the scene in a movie or television studio or live performance stage like a ballet production or play.
  • A music or drama education also provides the best opportunities to teach music and drama.
  • Many people working in the entertainment industry have to take on another job to compensate  for when they are not working in the movie or performance arts industry. Many actors are/were waiters, in sales or motivational speaking. Sam Worthington (AVATAR) was a brick layer. Hugh Jackman worked in a kitchen on a boat. Additionally, you may wish to explore TAFE based courses especially for behind the scene roles.
  • There’s an emerging job type for musically educated grads to be employed  in Music Therapy field,  more info here
  • Job prospect for Performing Arts grads poor due to recession

Career opportunities

  • Music therapist < new ! >
  • Drama, Music teacher at school
  • musician
  • Actor
  • Choreographer
  • Community arts officer
  • dance studio teacher
  • events manager
  • youth arts officer  ( music, drama , dance)
  • TV  production
  • animator
  • video and sound production
  • play and screenwriter
  • Performing arts administrator
  • Movement Coach
  • Performance Artist
  • Director
  • Stage Manager
  • Production Designer
  • Scenery Maker
  • Set Designer
  • Special Effects Technician
  • Costume Designer
  • Properties Maker
  • Lighting Designer
  • Scenic Artist
  • Sound Designer
  • Costume Maker
  • Voice Coach
  • Voice-over artist

Music, Drama & Dance degrees are available here:

Victoria : VIC


New South Wales : NSW

  • Master of Creative Music Therapy at WSU
  • School of the Arts, English and Media : University of Wollongong : UOW
  • Music, Musicology degree, Opera, Performance @ University of Sydney
  • Acting, Theatre,  TV, PR etc at Charles Sturt University : CSU
  • Music & Media courses at Macquarie University
  • Music degree at  University of New England : UNE
  • Bachelor of Contemporary Music : Southern Cross University : SCU
  • Media and Performing Arts  at University of New South Wales: UNSW
  • Drama, Music, Conservatorium at University of Newcastle

Queensland : QLD

  • Music , Queensland Conservatorium : Griffith University
  • Drama and Applied Theatre at Griffith University
  • Creative, Performing & Visual Arts  at Central Queensland University : CQU
  • School of Music : University of Queensland
  • Dance at Queensland University of Technology : QUT
    Drama at Queensland University of Technology : QUT
    Music & Sound at Queensland University of Technology : QUT
  • Music, Theater, Visual Arts @ University of Southern Queensland : USQ

Western Australia : WA

Tasmania : TAS

  • Conservatorium of Music at University of Tasmania : UTAS
  • Visual and Performing Arts at  University of Tasmania : UTAS

South Australia  : SA

Northern Territory : NT

  • Creative Arts at Charles Darwin University : CDU

Australian Capital Territory : ACT

  • Music at Australian National University :  ANU

Australia wide

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