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Food science technology deals with the chemistry and processes employed in hygienic preparation, processing, packaging, storage, transportation and safety/ edibility of food such as plant or animal based sources. Conversely, courses in Nutritional science/ dietetics refers to the study and analysis of the diet and nutritional content of food ( vitamins, minerals etc) humans need to eat to maintain health. Whilst related these 2 disciplines are different and in significant ways especially where employment are concerned. Some universities offer both types of courses, others offer only one. Further investigation is necessary to decide which offers what, and exactly what you are keen about, and what suits you. It’s usually a good idea to consider and verify employment prospects and future trends ( or lack of ) in either case and .

The use of artificial colourings, food enhancers such as MSG ( mono-sodium gluconate ) and chemical preservatives, artificial sweeteners like Aspartame, Nutrasweet, heating cooling are some of the topics investigated.

Grads with  food science qualifications may be able to find the following jobs :


  • sales and marketing
  • scientific officer
  • food production management
  • food microbiologist
  • research & development, R & D
  • quality assurance: QA and safety testing
  • product development  ie. new food products in FMCG ( Fast Moving Consumer Goods ) industry
  • food technologist at food manufacturing factories ( canned food, dairy plants, confectionery products, dehydrated, preserved or frozen foodstuffs, beverages, alcohol, fruits and vegetables,  fish and meat products), fresh foods like cakes, coffee  etc etc


New South Wales : NSW 

  • Bach of Science (Nutrition & Food Science) at Western Sydney,  WSU
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Food and Nutrition) at Charles Sturt university CSU
  • Bach. of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Univ of Newcastle
  • Food Science &Technology Group at School of Chemical Engineering, UNSW


 Victoria: Vic

Western Australia :  WA

  • Bachelor of Science (Food Science and Technology) – BSc at Curtin university
  • Master of Food Science at University of Western Australia :  UWA

Queensland : QLD

South Australia: SA

  • Bach of Food and Nutrition Science at University of Adelaide
  • Bachelor of Nutrition and Food Sciences at University of South Australia : UNISA 

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