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Accountancy courses at undergraduate bachelor, diploma, postgraduate master, Ph.D doctorate research degree levels at universities in Australia are listed below. Many are provided via online distance learning education or on part time basis. More non -Accounting degrees, here.

  • Where can I study to qualify as a CA or CPA qualified Accountant ?
  • Besides ATAR, what are the prerequisite HSC Year 12 subjects ?
  • Automation and IT technology is disrupting businesses across Australia, with finance predicted to be among the most affected. So should future accountants worry?
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  • Accounting is a branch of mathematical science used to diagnose current and future business health.t
  • However are there too many Accountants  in Australia already?
  • Accounting processes reduce doubt and provide clarity in business decisions in forecasting and planning using tools such as the Budget.
  • Are there any online program  for Accounting study ?
  • A Bachelor of Accounting degree opens up a world of opportunities in Accounting services industry in diverse roles such as general accountant, financial accountant, management accountant, Chartered Accountant or Financial Controller.
  • Accounting is often available as a concentration or major area within a Bachelor of Commerce degree program course.
  • Accounting activities describe the system and methodology of collection, recording, classification, summarizing, confirmation, analysis, interpretation and communication of financial figures and its significance regarding a business operation to related parties such as stakeholders and operational managers.
  • Accountants are qualified professionals who comply with a set of rules and regulations such as the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles( GAAP) and legal requirements of the country.

Accounting process help a business to analyze the financial performance of its activities, study statistics such as net profit. After obtaining a basic accounting degree, an accountant has a diverse range of role variations in terms of job opportunities, the most commonly known one being management accounting (aimed at servicing internal users), financial accounting (aimed art servicing external users), general accounting, insolvency accountant, taxation accountant and forensics accountant. In Australia, further Accountancy related certifications such as CPA, CA or CIMA maybe necessary. For more info about Accountancy,  have a look here

Accountants employ a range of  software application programs to collect raw accounting data, manage accounting process and calculations and to generate accounting reports read by owners, internal mangers an external accounting auditors. Good examples are  AccPacc, MYOB,  PeachTree, Pegasus, Oracle Financials, SAP ERP, Quicken, Reckon and Intuit.

  • provide financial and taxation advice on business structures, plans and operations
  • participate  in formulating budget and accounting policy
  • assess cash flow and financial risk of capital investment projects
  • maintain internal control systems
  •  implement  and maintain  accounting systems, and advising on  selection and application of computerised accounting applications
  • provide assurance about the accuracy of information contained in financial reports and their compliance with statutory requirements
  • prepare taxation returns for individuals and organisations
  • prepare financial statements  to be presented to boards of directors, management, shareholders, and governing and statutory bodiesliaising with financial institutions and brokers to establish funds management arrangements
  • examine operating costs and organisation’s  income and expenditure
  • conduct  financial investigations, prepare reports, undertake audits and provide advice on issues such as the purchase and sale of businesses, mergers & acquisition, capital financing, suspected fraud, insolvency and taxation

Universities offering Accountancy :

Victorian  :  VIC

New South Wales  :  NSW

  • Bachelor of Business and Commerce – Accounting : WSU
  • Bachelor of Commerce Major in Accountancy at University of Wollongong : UOW
  • Bachelor of Commerce / Economics programs at University of Sydney
  • Accounting at Macquarie Uni
  • Bach of Accounting  / Business studies at University of Technology at UTS
  • Bach. of Commerce degree  in Accounting course at University of New South Wales : UNSW
  • Study for an Accounting & Finance degree at University of Newcastle
  • Bachelor of Business (Accounting) course at Charles Sturt University :  CSU
  • Bach of Commerce (Accounting) courses at University of New England :UNE

Queensland : QLD

  • Bachelor of Accounting/Diploma of Professional Practice at Central Queensland University : CQU
  • Accountancy degree : Queensland University of Technology : QUT
  • Bach  of Commerce  Accounting : University of Southern Queensland: USQ
  • Bachelor of Business/ Commerce ( Accounting ): University of the Sunshine Coast : USC
  • Study Accounting at Griffith University
  • Bach of Business in Accounting  : James Cook University :  JCU
  • Master of Accounting at Bond University

Western Australian  : WA

  • Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting degree : Curtin University of Technology
  • Bachelor of Business, Major in Accounting : Edith Cowan University :  ECU
  • Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Accounting : Murdoch University
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting major : University of Western Australia : UWA

Tasmania : TAS

  • Bachelor of Business, Accounting courses : University of Tasmania : UTAS

South Australia  : SA

  • Bach of Commerce (Accounting / Finance) degree : Flinders University
  • Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting, B.Com(Acc) course : University of Adelaide
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) at UNISA
  • Bachelor of Business (Economics, Finance and Trade) degree at University of South Australia : UNISA

Northern Territory : NT

  • Accounting degree, courses at Charles Darwin University : CDU

Australian Capital Territory : ACT

  • Bachelor of Commerce degree : Australian National University:  ANU
  • Graduate accounting courses at ANU

Australia wide

  • Bach of Commerce (with Accounting Major): Australian Catholic University : ACU
  • Bachelor of Commerce – Major – Accounting : University of Notre Dame at Freemantle campus

Like  number crunching? Then Accountancy may suit you. Employers will seek accounting majors in years to come and far beyond.
As with  finance, accounting is in demand because businesses need to be able to track and analyze their financial transactions to make the best business decisions.

They are also facing ever-increasing regulations and need employees who can meet these requirements while also providing business intelligence.

Accounting majors learn the advanced accounting skills needed to meet the demands of today’s sophisticated financial world, such as more complicated rules and regulations.  The old stereotype of the brainy but quiet accountant has evolved. You’ll also develop communication and presentations skills.”

Potential Careers: Accountant or Auditor. Accountants and auditors prepare and examine financial records, ensuring that taxes are paid properly and on time, says the U.S.  Most accountants and auditors need at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting or a related field.

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