economics degree

Economics degree courses at undergraduate bachelor, postgraduate master, Ph.D doctorate research degree levels at Australian universities are listed below. Economics is a Social Science that analyses the variety of human activities in making a living. It analyses various aspects of an economic society in particular the production, distribution and consumption of products and services. Many Economics courses are available via online distance learning education or on part time basis. More non-ECONOMICS study options here :

  • What do Economists do for a living ?
  • What is the best university for Economics qualifications?
  • Where can I study for a degree like a Bachelor of Economics?
  • What else can graduates do with this degree qualification ?
  • A Economics bachelor degree offers grads employment and career opportunities in the Banking and Financial sector in varied roles such as Business Analyst, Economist, Bank officer and a myriad related roles in Banking institutions, Economics teacher
  • Besides ATAR, which Year 12 HSC prerequisite subjects are  required?

New South Wales : NSW

Victoria : VIC

Queensland : QLD

Western Australia : WA

Tasmania : TAS

  • Economics and Finance degrees at University of Tasmania : UTAS

Australia Capital Territory : ACT

 South Australia :  SA

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