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Are you aware that Architecture has been considered the 2nd most overrated degree in the Australian economy ? …. according to Mcrindle Research data published in local papers. Some 72% of the Architectural graduates manage to gain employment in their field in Australia after completing a difficult 5 year course – at median starting salary of $32.5K, compared to $30K for office receptionists with only HSC. More here. In simple terms, if you wish to study a degree that ends with difficulties in getting employment ( in Australia ) quickly and at lower salary, think Architecture and read on ! Architecture is not a high demand profession as in many other developing countries with much greater need and potential for new building construction. More non-Architecture subject areas here :

Architecture at undergraduate bachelor, post-graduate master, PhD doctoral research degree levels at universities in Australia are listed below. 

  • Besides ATAR, what are the prerequisite subjects at HSC Year 12 ?
  • What does an Architect do ?
  • Where can I study to be an Architect ?
  • Which Australian universities can I study for qualifications in Architecture or Architectural studies ?
  • An Architect applies design flair, personal creativity and practical knowledge of structures to develop concepts, plans, specifications and drawings for building and other structures. They liaise with construction staff, planning authorities, and manage building contracts and inspect work.
  • An architect deals mainly with the shape and texture of the exterior surfaces of a building, and how humans use that enclosed space, they leave the concerns about structural considerations to the civil engineer.
  • A bachelor degree in Architecture design is needed to be  employed as a professionally qualified Architect. Arch. may also lead to career opportunities in Urban and Town Planning,  Built environment and building design consultancy.
  • Architecture is the art and science of designing buildings and other physical structures. ‘Built environment ‘ is a term often used in conjunction with architecture.

  • Architects are professionally trained to manage the process, planning, designing and constructing space reflecting functional, social  and aesthetic considerations. It requires the control and management of material, technology, light, and shade.
  • Architecture also covers the practical aspects of constructing designed spaces, such as project planning, cost estimating and construction administration. Go here to find out more about whats this subject about
  • As in any given building project requires more Civil Engineers,Builders and other tech staff than Architects, jobs in Architecture are far less than in Civil Engineering. 1,000 Melbourne architects unemployed << read this
  • Be warned that many Architecture graduates, after surviving a tough 5 year degree,  manage only  to find work as Architectural Draughtsmen  ( using software such as AutoCad, Revit or Microstation).  Architectural Draughtsmen qualifications may easily be attained at TAFE  via a 2 year diploma :
    • AutoCAD and Revit software courses
  • In landscape architecture, built environment often refers to man-made landscapes as opposed to the natural environment.

Typical admission requirements for Architecture degrees :

  • Math, Physics and /or Design

Architecture is available at these universities  :

New South Wales : NSW

  • Architecture at University of New South Wales : UNSW– Built Environment
  • Architectural, Design and Planning at University of Sydney
  • Design Architecture, Building degrees at University of Technology, Sydney :UTS
  • Architecture and Built Environment at Uni of Newcastle

Victoria : VIC

Queensland : QLD

  • Faculty of Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology at University of Queensland : UQ
  • Civil Engineering and Built Environment School at Queensland University of Technology : QUT

Western Australia : WA

Tasmania : TAS

South Australia : SA

  • School of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban design at University of Adelaide
  • School of Art, Achitecture and Design at University of South Australia : UniSA

Australian Capital Territory : ACT

More non-Architecture subject areas here:

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