Industrial Design or Product design

Industrial designers aim to create elegant and enjoyable connections between a user  and products. They apply their understanding of  human behavior and develop products of elegant form and function and are pleasurable to use. Many factory made products are the result of an industrial designer – from automobiles, mobiles, TV, kitchen equipment, consumer electronics  and furniture, to  medical equipment. Using sustainable materials, energy-efficient manufacturing processes and product life-cycles, industrial designers make a big contribution for our planet’s future.

Industrial designer approach problems and opportunities using research to gain a holistic understanding of human needs, preferences and behaviors.  They develop solutions with rough drawings, models and prototypes to try out ideas.  Their decision-making process is supported by technical drawings, illustrations and CAD models. Computer technology is used extensive in their work for initial visualization leading to manufacturing at the last step. Next they  select materials and manufacturing methods and present  product to clients, managers or investors with guidance from technical specialists such as mechanical engineers and electronic designers. 3D printer technology will have a huge impact. Other non Design courses here.



  • Industrial design degree at UON,  University of Newcastle
  • Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honors) at UNSW
  • Bachelor of Industrial Design at UWS
  • Bachelor of Design in Product Design at UTS ,  University Technology Sydney


  • Bachelor of Design ( Product Design ) at UNISA
  • Master of Design ( Industrial Design ) at UNISA



  • Study Industrial design at University Western ofAustralia UWA
  • Bachelor of Design at Edith Cowan : ECU
  • Master of Applied Design and Art at Curtin University


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