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Visual communication studies at undergraduate bachelor, postgraduate diploma, master, PhD doctorate research degree levels at universities in Australia are listed below. More non Visual comms courses here.

  • Besides ATAR, what are the prerequisite Year 12 HSC subjects ?
  • Where can I study to obtain qualifications in Visual Communications ?
  • What types of  jobs can I get with a degree in Visual Communications ?
  • A bachelor in Visual Communication leads to a career opportunities in Graphic Design, Web design, Advertising, Electronic and Digital art
  • Visual art is related to yet dissimilar to Visual Communication in that the latter focuses on transmitting specific messages to target audiences via radio, television, print publications (newspapers or magazines) or  internet technology
  • Digital media industry in Australia is growing rapidly as internet and web technologies advance.
  • Visual communication relies on vision and is primarily presented or expressed with 2 dimensional images, it includes: signs, typography, drawing, graphic design, illustration, color and digital methods. Visual Communications tries to incorporate visual messages accompanying text with greater power to inform, educate, or provoke, persuade a mass audience.
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Visual Communication is available at these universities :

New South Wales : NSW

  • Communication studies at Uni of Technology, Sydney :  UTS
  • University of Newcastle : School of Design, Communication & Information Technology
  • Media and Communications courses at Univ of Sydney
  • Bachelor of Communication – Media Arts Production: University of Western Sydney :  UWS
  • Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication) at UWS
  • Creative Arts at University of Wollongong :  UOW, at Faculty of Creative Arts
  • Bachelor of Media and Communications : Univ of New England : UNE
  • Bachelor of Communication (Media Practice) : CSU
  • Fine Arts  at University of New South Wales :  COFA @ UNSW
  • Bachelor of Communication Studies at Uni of New England 


Victoria : VIC

Queensland : QLD

  • Bachelor of Visual Arts at University of Southern Queensland: USQ

Western Australia : WA

Tasmania : TAS

  • Visual and Performing Arts at University of Tasmania : UTAS

South Australia : SA

Australia wide

Australian Capital Territory : ACT

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