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Aeronautics courses at undergraduate bachelor, postgraduate master, Ph.D doctorate research degree levels at universities in Australia are listed below.  Other non Aeronautical course are found here.

  • Australia offers some of the best facilities to get an Engineering education to qualify as an Aeronautical engineer
  • Besides ATAR, what are the prerequisite subjects at Year 12 HSC ?
  • Where may I study to be an Aeronautical Engineer or Aircraft engineer ?
  • As  the manufacturing is limited within the local Aircraft industry, job opportunities in Aeronautical engineering field are limited
  • A university degree in Aerospace Engineering or Aeronautical Engineering offers career opportunities in Aircraft & aviation parts and components manufacturing and engineering maintenance industries.
  • Many grads move on  to employment in other fields like Avionics, IT, Mechanical engineering, non engineering areas of Aviation, Banking etc as there are many job opportunities there.
  • To check out more about what an Aeronautical or Aerospace engineer does, click here: whats this subject about.
  • The humble but ubiquitous Black Box flight recorder is an example of Aussie aeronautical engineering inventiveness!

Typical admission requirements for Aeronautical Engineering :

  • Maths, Physics, English Proficiency


Aeronautical Engineering  is available at these universities:

Victoria  : VIC

  • Advanced Diploma of Engineering (Aeronautical) Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology : RMIT
  • Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering course at Monash University


New South Wales: NSW

  • Aerospace engineering at University of New South Wales : UNSW
  • School of Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering at University of Sydney

Queensland : QLD

  • Aerospace Engineering courses at Queensland University of Technology : QUT  


Other non Aeronautical course are found here.

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  1. what i’m intrested in is universities that offers earonautical engineering & pilioting. not other branch of engineering.secondly i want a school that will admit new intake by june/july 2010 to eneable me start up my studies

  2. I am looking for a university that is offering a degree caurse in aeronautical engineering both in avionics an airframes as a single looking forward to starting my studies in 2012 as from march.

  3. i have complete Graduate Diploma in Electronic and Electrical Engineering [Engineering Council (U.K)]– Pending Results
    i want to know weather i can get exception for the Aeronautical Engineering degree. if its so please let me know.

  4. I have bits & pieces of knowledge in avionics, no proper qualification but got the passion for avionics. I am a student pilot. Completed cert IV in aircraft maintenance. Did a couple of months apprenticeship in air craft maintenance. Would like to do a proper uni course. How should I go about this? Please advise.

  5. i have completed five year secondary class, i want to know weather i can get into the Aeronautical Engineering diploma course. if its so please let me know.

  6. I have done the diploma in aircraft and aeronautical engineering… I want to become aircraft engineer in mechanical way. Plz let me knw what degree I should go for and which best university of Australia

  7. Come 2 look of this nw….. University of sydney is the best to study aerounatical engineering abi……. So how much does it cost 4 a fees dear ….! I want 2 knw how much is it….. Pls contact me on dis +23408164120800 or send mail …. I wil be happy to hear from u,

  8. i ll b completing my diploma in aeronautic engg after 3 months. I would like to know whether there is any pg diploma courses related to aircraft designing or not and if yes then m i eligible for it. Plz sent ans in my inbox.

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