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Mechanical Engineering degree courses at undergraduate bachelor, postgraduate master, Ph.D doctorate research courses at university in Australia are listed below. More non-Mechanical courses here.  

  • What jobs can I apply to with a bachelor degree in Mech Eng ?
  • Where can I study to be a Mechanical Engineer ?
  • Mechanical Engineering is often abbreviated as Mech Eng, Engr, Engg
  • The humble but ubiquitous lawn mower is  one example of Aussie mechanical engineering ingenuity
  • Besides ATAR scores, what year 12 HSC subjects are prerequisite for admission?
  • Qualifications in Mechanical Engineering offers graduates employment opportunities in R & D, manufacturing, infrastructure systems and military
  • Mechanical Engineering is an umbrella term referring to the generation and application of thermal ( heat) energy and mechanical force ( rotational or linear ) and the design, production, and use of  machinery and tools.
  • Mechanical engineering is several thousand years old, some of the best examples are found in the construction of Egyptian pyramids and the Great Wall of China. Another good  example of medieval mechanical engineering achievement is the awesome warfare device, the Trebuchet .

Typical admission requirements:

  • Math, Physics, English proficiency

List of universities offering Mechanical Engineering :

New South Wales  : NSW

  • Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering at Uni of New South Wales : UNSW
  • Mechanical Engineering at University of Technology, Sydney :  UTS
  • Mechanical, Mechatronic & Materials degree at Univ of Wollongong
  • Mechanical Engineering at University of Newcastle
  • Aerospace, Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering: Univ of Sydney

Victoria : VIC

Queensland : QLD

Western AustraliaWA

South Australia : SA


Tasmania TAS

  • Bachelor of Engineering at University of Tasmania : UTAS


  • Mechanical Engineering is broad topic, covering machines from the size of miniature mechanical devices to massive energy – generation turbines. From  trains, aircraft, ships, cars, factories, elevators, escalators, tractors, weaponry to practically every instrument  used in a surgical theater or a utensil kitchen  requires mechanical engineering analysis.
  • Mechanical engineering applications is found in nearly every aspect of industrialization.
  • Mechanical Engineering uses foundation concepts such as mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, materials science and energy. Mechanical engineers use these base principles as well as other technology to design and analyse production plants, industrial equipment and machinery, air conditioning systems, vehicles and transportation vehicles: trains, planes, ships, rockets and missiles.

More non-Mechanical courses here.

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