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Metallurgical science, Material science, Metallurgy degree courses at undergraduate bachelor, postgraduate diploma, master, Ph.D doctorate research degree levels at universities in Australia are listed below. More non-metallurgy subject areas here :

  • Australia offer some of the best places to study Metallurgy due to the dominance of the metals, mineral ore mining industry
  • Metals mined in Australia include: Copper, Gold,  Bauxite/Aluminium, Nickel, Silver, Uranium,  Iron ore,  Zinc
  • What can one do with a Metallurgy or Material science degree ?
  • Besides ATAR, what are the Year 12 HSC subjects prerequisites?
  • Metallurgy is a specialized area of materials science that studies the physical and chemical behavior of metals, inter-metallic compounds &  alloys
  • A bachelor degree in Metallurgy or PostGraduate diploma may lead to employment opportunities in roles such as a Metallurgical Engineer or Metallurgist in the metals manufacturing industry Eg. Iron Nickel, Copper and alloys such as Stainless steel or galvanized steel, copper alloy monel
  • Extractive metallurgy is the  process of obtaining metals from an ore and refining it  into a purer state. To convert metal oxide or sulfide to a purer metal, ore needs to be reduced physically, chemically or via electrolysis.

Typical  admission requirements : Physics and/or Chemistry, English proficiency

Universities offering these courses :

 New South Wales : NSW

 Victoria :VIC


 Western Australia: WA

  • Master of Engineering Science (Metallurgy) – Curtin University
    Bentley, Kalgoorlie, Northam Perth campuses
  • Graduate Diploma in Metallurgy – Curtin Uni
  • Extractive Metallurgy – Undergrad – Curtin University
  • Metallurgical Engineering – Undergraduate – Curtin

Australian Capital Territory : ACT

  • Electronic Materials Engineering at ANU


Non-metallurgy subject areas here :

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  1. Sir,
    I graduated from the Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (Dhaka, Bangladesh) with a Masters degree in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering. I am considering applying to your university for coming academic year for working towards my PhD degree in the above field. Currently I am working as an Assistant Manager in Sylhet Gas Field Ltd. (oil and gas Production Company of Petrobangla) from 01/07/2009.

    I’m looking for scholarship to pursue my PhD. I would be grateful you could provide me the details regarding to financial help (it may be even work & study program). Waiting for your kind reply.

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    Abul Hossain
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  2. I am a engineer, I did hydro metallurgy in my country ” DR CONGO” now I live in South Africa with all my family. I want to do my master’s so I need a friend to work with me especially in reactors behave and calculator of reactors

  3. Dear Sir
    I graduated from the Ural Federal University in Russia and I am a Non Ferrous Metallurgy engineer with a Dip.Eng degree. Currently I am working as an Engineer metallurgist in Development Department of Erdenet Mining Corporation from 2005. I’m looking for scholarship to pursue my Master of Engineering Science (Metallurgy)

  4. I am graduate in metallurgical and materials science engineering.
    i am into teaching now with same field.
    i wish to do distance learning program covering post graduation in same field.
    Guide me for the same please

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