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Optometry & Vision science courses at undergrad bachelor, post graduate diploma master, PhD doctorate research degree levels at universities in Australia are listed below.
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  • What exactly does an Optometrist do ?
  • Besides ATAR, what are the  prerequisite subjects at HSC Year 12 ?
  • Where can you study to be an Optometrist?
  • A bachelor (BSc) university degree in Optometry offers grads excellent employment opportunities in eye care field and private practice as an Optometrist.
  • Optometry degree courses are commonly listed with Vision Science courses in some universities. Investigate about Optometry here –whats this subject about.
  • Optometry grads may run Optometry businesses providing customized spectacles (eye glasses), prescription sunglasses and sell contact lenses

Typical admission requirements for  Optometry :

  • Maths, Physics &  English proficiency

Optometry  is available at these institutions:

Victoria : VIC

New South Wales : NSW

  • School of Optometry& Vision Science at University of New South Wales:  UNSW
    • Master of Community Eye Health
    • Grad Diploma in Optometry
    • Master of Optometry
    • Graduate Certificate in Optometry
    • Grad Diploma in Community Eye Health

South Australia: SA

  • Bachelor of Medical Science (Vision Science), Master of Optometry at Flinders university

Queensland: QLD

  • Optometry degree  courses at Queensland Uni of Technology: QUT

Typical job Activities

  • prescribe lenses, contact lenses and low vision aids, and checking suitability and comfort
  • prescribe exercises to coordinate movement and focusing of eyes
  • diagnose eye movement disorders and defects of binocular function
  • examine patients’ eyes and employ tests to determine the nature and extent of vision problems and abnormalities
  • manage programs for eye movement disorders, and instructing and counselling patients in the use of corrective techniques and eye exercises
  • advise  on visual health matters such as contact lens care, vision care for the elderly, visual ergonomics, and occupational and industrial eye safety
  • conduct preventative screening programs Eg Cataract detection, Macular Degeneration
  • conduct  rehabilitation programs for the visually impaired
  • detect, diagnose and manage eye disease, referring patients to, and receiving referrals from other health providers, and prescribe medications for the treatment of eye disease
  • assess ocular health and visual function by measuring visual acuity and refractive error and testing the function of visual pathways, visual fields, eye movements, freedom of vision and intraocular pressure, and performing other tests.

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