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Why study Computer Games courses ?

  • Students learn the basics of architecture and design elements of computer games and programming languages and models relevant to game development
  • Learn techniques and access resources to develop web based and mobile games that incorporate flashy graphics and slick animation
  • They prepare students with a background in computer science knowledge

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Games development is driven by teams  combining skills of creative content staff and software engineers who have the technical skills to implement designs. There is a demand for skilled specialist programmers who are comfortable working in development teams and you will be well placed to fulfill these roles upon graduation.

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Games design and development courses are offered at undergrad bachelor, postgrad diploma master degree level at universities in Australia as listed below.  

  • Where can one study to be a qualified Computer Games designer ?
  • A BSc bachelor university degree in Computer & Video Games development offers excellent career opportunities in the growing global Computer games industry.
  • Besides ATAR, what  are the prerequisite subjects at Year 12 HSC ?
  • Australia offers among  the best places to study Computer Interactive Technologies and Computer Games Design

Games developers and designers, video game developers are software programmers who create video or computer based games which require digital animation and /or CGI. Developers tend to specialize in a specific game platforms specific to video game providers, such as:

  • Blizzard
  • Steam
  • Microsoft  Xbox
  • Fortnite
  • PSP PS3,  XBOX360, PS4, XBOXOne
  • Mobile phone apps
  • Sony’s PlayStation
  • Nintendo DS,
  • Wii
  • Valve
  • Zynga


  • Many video game publishers run development studios such as Electronic Arts EA Canada, Activision’s Radical Entertainment, Nintendo EAD and Sony Polyphony.
  • They prepare digital graphics, animation, sound effects, video and photos
  • Games programmers draw up game rules, scenarios using charts and documentation that outline a particular games’ concept.
  • Investigate  further about Computer Games programming at what’s this subject about.  If you are more keen on Animation design than Games design, have a look at Animation degrees at Australian universities.

The various roles in a Game development company are:

  • Animator
  • Digital Video Sound Editor
  • Multimedia developer
  • Games programmer – writes code typically in C++ or customise game engines
  • Illustrator
  • Product Director
  • Technical Artist / 3D artist
  • Tester

 New South Wales : NSW

Victoria :  VIC

Queensland : QLD

  • Interactive Technologies & Games Design at James Cook University :  JCU
  • Bachelor of Games & Interactive Entertainment: Queensland Univ of Technology: QUT
  • Games design degree at Griffith University
  • Computer Games development courses at Bond University
  • University of the Sunshine Coast:  USC
  • Computer Games programming: University Southern Queensland: USQ

Western Australia : WA

South Australia  : SA

  • Bachelor of Information Technology (Games and Entertainment Design ) at UNISA 
  • Bachelor of Computer Science (Simulation and Serious Games) at Flinders University

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