actuarial science, mathematics, statistics

Pure Maths, Applied, Statistics, or Actuarial Science bachelor degree courses at undergrad bachelor, postgrad master, PhD doctorate research degree levels  are listed below.
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  • What jobs await graduates with Statistics, Mathematics or Actuarial science degree ?
  • Besides ATAR, what are the prerequisite subjects at Year 12 HSC
  • Where can I study to be a Statistician, Actuarial scientist or Mathematician ?

  • A Mathematician uses techniques to analyze, model and calculate human situations to solve problems
  • Data Mining Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Science are new areas of  commercial application of Math and Statistical science within the IT industry and is projected to grow in importance and demand
  • Actuarial science is an applied science using mathematics and statistics for assessing risk in finance and insurance. An Actuary is a person working in this field
  • Actuarial science covers a few disciplines such as probability and  stats, finance  and economics.
  • Actuarial math deals with calculation of uncertainty and risk. The main areas of application are death rates, financial risk, risk and ruin theory, credibility theory, demographics, reliability studies and graduation of statistical data.
  • Bachelor university degrees in Actuarial Science, Maths or Statistics offers grads best opportunities to enter the lucrative employment market across diverse fields ranging from IT, Insurance, Finance, Investments, Government, Education ( teacher training). Academia to Commercial Sales, data science,  data analysis and data-mining.
  • Actuaries find lucrative work in Finance, Investment and Insurance, areas where calculation of risk  is crucial.
  • A Statistician is mathematician specializing in the use of statistical methods to measure, understand and analyse large amounts of numerical data to identify trends and patterns for problems solving
  • A degree in Maths  specialisating in Stats is now very useful in getting a job as a Data Scientist within the IT industry , a job which is increasing in demand  
  • Mathematics grads find many work opportunities in Finance, Scientific research, IT (Information Technology), Computer Science and  Education (as Math school teacher).
  • Math grads only need to complete a 6- 12 month post graduate Education / Teaching diploma before being allowed to work as a teacher. Maths teachers are in high demand and the high salaries reflect this. Fancy a job with 3 months of leave in a year ? It’s also RECESSION proof. Math grads also easily switch into IT and qualify as  software programmers and developers.
  • Career options  in Mathematics

Typical admission requirements :

  • Mathematics, English proficiency, ( occasionally  basic German, French or Russian may be needed for Masters, PHD in Maths

New South Wales, NSW:

  • Bachelor of Science: Mathematical Science: University of Western Sydney UWS
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mathematics  at University of Technology Sydney: UTS
  • Analytics and Data Science @ UTS
  • Mathematics at UNE : University of New England
  • Statistics degrees: Macquarie Uni
  • Bachelor of Actuarial Studies at Macquarie University
  • Department of Mathematics at  Macquarie
  • University of Wollongong – Bachelor of Mathematics & Finance
  • Mathematics and Physics at University of Newcastle
  • School of Risk & Actuarial Studies at UNSW
  • School of Mathematics and Statistics : UNSW
  • Bachelor, Master of Actuarial Studies at UNSW
  • Computing and Mathematics programs at Charles Sturt University: CSU
  • Bach of Teaching /Bachelor of Arts (Maths) Double degree, Australian Catholic University: ACU
  • School of Mathematics and Statistics: University of Sydney

Victoria, VIC :

Queensland, QLD

  • Mathematics degrees at Griffith University
  • Mathematics Major at University of Queensland: UQ
  • Bachelor of Science (Mathematics ) at James Cook University: JCU  
  • School of Mathematical Sciences at Queensland University Tech: QUT
  • Mathematics and Computing courses at USQ : Uni of South Queensland

Western Australia, WA :

  • Actuarial Science courses at Curtin University
  • Mathematics  Major at Edith Cowan University: ECU
  • School of Chemical and Mathematical sciences at Murdoch University
  • Mathematics and Statistics degrees at Curtin University
  • School of Mathematics and Statistics:  University of Western Australia:  UWA

Tasmania, TAS :

South Australia, SA 

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