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Science focused degree courses including base courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Maths are listed below. Courses are in Natural or Applied science or combinations of  2 or more sciences.  Sciences can also be categorized as Life, Physical & Formal sciences. Of late a  lot of attention has been directed to STEM subjects in relation to jobs of the future.  STEM = Science – Technology – Engineering – Math. For more non -SCIENCE degrees, click here. <<<

Scientific disciplines may be classified as follows:

Physical sciences: study of  non living systems

Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry,  Earth Sciences, Atmospheric, Material Sciences, Geology etc


Formal Sciences : abstract reasoning
Logic, mathematics computer science, information theory, systems theory, decision theory, statistics etc


Natural Sciences: study of natural physical law and phenomenon
Astronomy, Physics, Biology, Chemistry,   Earth Sciences, Atmospheric, Geology, Oceanography, Material Sciences etc


Life Sciences: study of living systems
Biology,  Microbiology, Molecular biology, Marine Biology, Botany and Plant science, Zoology, Oceanography, Ornithology ( birds), Entomology (insects), Veterinary science , Food, Nutrition, Zoology etc


Cross-discipline sciences : combination of  two  or more  natural or physical sciences

  • Chemistry variants    :  biochemistry, geochemistry and astrochemistry, astrobiology
  • Biology variants         :  oceanography, Environmental scienceForestry, Ecology
  • Physics variants         :  astrophysics, geophysics, biophysics, nanoscience,  astrobiology


Applied Science:
Practical applications with tangible results and manifested products
Engineering & Technology is often used interchangeably with ” Applied Science ”


Examples of Applied Sciences :

Applied Mathematics :

Economics, Actuarial Science, Econometrics,  Finance, Statistics, Accounting, Taxation, Demographics, Market research, Weather forecasting / Meteorology, Financial Stock Market analysis, Insurance and Risk Assessment etc

Roles: Mathematician, Statistician Data Analyst, Sales Analyst, Financial Analyst, accountant, Demographer, Teacher, Actuary etc

Applied  Information Theory, Computer Science & Logic :

Software Development, Computer Programming and Information Technology IT, Informatics, Artificial Intelligence, Expert Systems, Application programming, Computer vision, Neural networks, Networking, Knowledge management, internet, mobile phone technology, Telecommunications, Web development, Robotics, Automation,  Data Mining , Chaos Theory etc

Jobs: Software developer, programmer,  IT Architect, Systems analyst, business analyst, database administrator, Network Manager, Unix/ Linux System admin, Software engineer, DevOps, Technical  test analyst, Cloud and Security specialist, teacher, Web developer, Web designer, Hardware engineer etc

Applied Physics :

Mechanical Engineering, Robotics, Aeronautical,
NanotechonologyElectronics: Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Electrical science, Aircraft, Civil & Structural Engineering, Architecture, Nuclear technology, Mobile phone, Telecommunications,  Chemical , Ceramic, Petroleum  engineering, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Optics/ Optometry, Mining Engineering, Geology,Weapons technology, Manufacturing, Photovoltaics, Renewable, Solar Energy   etc

Employment: Physicist, scientist, researcher, teacher, Engineer ( all types ), Technician, Technical specialist, Geologist, Astronomer, Astrophysicist, Inventor

Applied Biology :

Medicine, Surgery,  Veterinary medicine, Pathology, Genetic Engineering, Microbiology, Biotechnology, Biometrics, Bio-medical engineering, Forestry & Conservation, Environmental Science, Fisheries science, Agriculture, Agronomy, Dentistry, Nutrition
Work as: Biologist, Botanist, Zoologist, Physician,Veterinarian, Nurse, Dentist, Nutritionist, Molecular biologist, Scientists, Genetic engineer, environmentalist, biomedical engineer, teacher

Applied Chemistry :

Pharmacology, Pharmacist, Material science, Chemical Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Environmental science, Water treatment, Food Technology, Environmental science, Forestry and Conservation, Forensic science, Geology, Ceramic engineering etc
Roles: Chemist, Pharmacist, Pharmacologist, Material scientist, teacher, Forensic investigator (limited  job opportunities), Chemical Engineer, Environmental scientist etc

Victoria : VIC

New South Wales : NSW

  • Physics, Chemistry, Biology : Macquarie University
  • Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Geosciences, Maths, Psychology : Uni of Sydney
  • Chemistry, Physics, Biological Science, Marine and Coastal Science, Math : UNSW
  • Physics, Chem, Bio, Health Sciences, Food, Horticulture, Nature Conservation, Biomolecular science courses : WSU
  • Biology, Chemistry, Earth & Environmental Sciences : UOW
  • Physics, Chemistry, Bio, Biomedical, Forensic Biology, Environmental Forensics, Marine Biology : Uni of Technology Sydney
  • Engineering Physics courses : Uni of Wollongong
  • Agriculture, Allied Health, Animal Science courses at Charles Sturt Univ 
  • School of Environment, Science and Engineering & School of Health and Human Sciences : SCU
  • Maths, Physics, Environmental and Life Science courses at Newcastle University
  • Science courses at University of New England : UNE

Queensland : QLD

Western Australia : WA

South Australia : SA

Tasmania : TAS

Australian Capital Territory: ACT

  • Science, Technology and Mathematics at University of Canberra
  • Chemistry, Physics and Biology degree courses at ANU

Northern Territory: NT

  • Chemistry, Physics and Biology degree courses : CDU

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