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Politics,  International Relations, Political Science degree courses at undergraduate, bachelor, postgraduate master, Ph.D doctorate research degree levels at Australian universities are in the list below. More non-Politics subject areas here.

  • Besides ATAR, what are the prerequisite HSC subjects ?
  • A Political Science and International Relations degree is often be a stepping stone into Law program.
  • Which Australian universities provide programs in Politics, Political Science or International Relations
  • What is the best bachelor, master university degree in Australia  for Political Science courses, Politics and International Studies?
  • What can I do with  Political Science and International Relations degree ?
  • Many politicians in have a degree in this area, other have degrees in Law ( Turnbull) , Business (Dutton) or Geography ( Morrison)
  • Which  program offer best employment opportunities in Government, Politics,  academia, Foreign Service ( diplomatic service , ambassador etc) ?


What is Political Science / Poli Sci ?

  • Political science is a social science dealing with the theory and practice of politics and  analysis of political systems and  behavior.
  • Political scientists studies the theory, origin, development, interrelationship and function of political entities ans their dynamics. It also analyses  individual and group behavior and how it connects to society and economy.
  • Be warned that job opportunities in these areas may be limited. Post graduation employment prospects are greatly affected by by what other courses or degrees you take before or after Poli Sci or International Relations degree.
  • Politics deals with study of the social dynamics of power within a social group, how societies or groups organize and govern themselves, how leadership is chosen, and decision making process affecting all citizens.  It includes studying feudalism, colonialism, fascism,imperialism, nationalism, communism, Marxism, socialism and democracy.
  • If you already have a bachelor undergraduate degree and are interested in what other Master/ Masters, post graduate  or doctorate/ PHD courses are on offer, the same faculty page urls will also be useful for your course search.

Political Science courses are available at the following universities:

New South Wales : NSW

Victoria : VIC

Queensland : QLD

  • School of Politics  & International Studies at University of Queensland : UQ


Western Australia : WA

Australia wide

Australian Capital Territory : ACT

More non-Politics subject areas here.

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  1. Your courses are rich in context but may i know if you offer PhD in International Relations and there scholarship funds?

  2. I want to study for a PhD Political Science or International Relations by Distance Learning. Any possibility at any one of these Universities? Please advise.

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