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The Social Sciences are regarded by some to be among the most overrated degree choices made by secondary school leavers. They forget to research the pros and cons prior to admission. Inspite of high unemployment rates and rather average starting salaries, many apply for admission even though the median starting salary is estimated at only $45K and 60% of graduates end up working in this field full time. More hereNon-Sociology subject areas here.

  • Besides ATAR score, what are the prerequisite Year 12  subjects ?
  • Which Australian universities offer undergraduates Social Work Sociology or Social Science degree courses ?
  • Where can I study to be a Social worker or Sociologist ?
  • Social science is an umbrella term to referring to academic disciplines not belonging to natural sciences group
  • Qualifications in this discipline lead to employment in Social services field or academia
  • Social work is a discipline focused on social change to improving quality of life and to the development of the full
    potential of each person, group and community within a society by analyzing social problems and social trends
  • Sociology is a social science discipline that studies society and its social  interaction

New South Wales : NSW

  • Bachelor of Social Science (Psych) : CSU
  • Humanities, Social Work degrees at Charles Sturt University : CSU
  • Bachelor of Social Sciences degree at University of Sydney
  • Sociology  at Western Sydney University :  WSU
  • Study Sociology and Criminology at University of New England : UNE
  • Social Sciences and Sociology courses at University of Wollongong : UOW
  • School of Arts & Social Sciences at Southern Cross University:  SCU
  • Behavioural, Cognitive and Social Science at Uni of New England
  • Sociology, Social Work, Social sciences and Anthropology at University of Newcastle
  • Sociology courses at Macquarie University
  • Bachelors degree in Social Sciences courses/ International studies at  University of New South Wales :  UNSW

Victoria : VIC

Queensland : QLD

  • Social, Behavioral sciences, International Studies, Human Factors, Applied Cognitive Psychology : University of Queensland : UQ
  • Social Work  at Queensland University of Technology :QUT
  • Social sciences at Bond University
  • Bachelor of Social Science at  University of Southern Queensland: USQ
  • Bachelor of Arts in Sociology : James Cook University 
  • Social work and Social sciences at University of the Sunshine Coast 

Western Australia : WA

  • Social Sciences and International Studies courses at Curtin University of Technology
  • Social Sciences at Edith Cowan University : ECU
  • Asian Studies,  Politics, Sociology, Terrorism, International Relations, Public Policy at  Murdoch University
  • Social Sciences degree at University of Western Australia : UWA

Tasmania : WA

  • Sociology and Social Work courses  at  University of Tasmania  : UTAS

South Australia : SA

  • Social Work, Sociology, Social Planning, International Relations, American studies at Flinders University
  • Social Sciences and International Studies degrees at University of Adelaide
  • Social science and Social Work studies at University of South Australia : UNISA


Australian Capital Territory : ACT

  • Sociology, Social Sciences degrees at Australian National University : ANU


Northern Territory : NT

  • Bachelor of Social Work degree at Charles Darwin University : CDU
  • Social science related courses at Charles Darwin

Australia wide

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