*Canadian universities

Universities in the province of Ontario

There are twenty three degree granting public universities in Ontario. As well there are seventeen private religious universities. Students can apply to public institutions  in Ontario through the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre, UAC. The University of Toronto established in 1827 is the oldest, the newest being Algoma U established in 2008. The largest  uni by student population is the University of Toronto.

Universities in British Columbia

There are eleven public universities and four private universities in British Columbia. Six of these
universities are in the Vancouver. The oldest in BC is the University of British Columbia, which was founded in 1908.

Universities in Quebec

There are seventeen universities in  Quebec where French is spoke and used more commonly than English. Fourteen universities teach in French, whilst English is the main medium of instruction at 3 : Concordia, McGill and Bishop. Laval is the oldest  in the Quebec established in 1663.

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