PhD, Masters degree by coursework, research & scholarship

For some individuals, postgraduate qualifications open doors to niche places in the employment market. Whether you plan to specialize in a particular field or participate the world of research or simply expand your knowledge and obtain higher qualifications in your field, postgraduate study may help you get there. In general terms, in the sciences and arts, postgraduate studies suit those candidates keen on teaching  and/or research. In Business, post graduate qualifications may in some case be prerequisite to senior management level jobs.

Admission requirements for post grad studies

Admission to a doctorate ( PhD ) program typically requires completion of a Master degree or Bachelor honors degree (1st or 2nd class ) or equivalent and demonstrated capability to conduct research in a related field.


Australians and other PhD and research based Master candidates do not have to pay, as fees are covered by the Government under the Research Training Scheme. Overseas students and coursework Masters ( ie. non Research) students must pay tuition fees, unless they already have a scholarship or financial assistance.


Postgraduate studies scholarship

A PhD candidate may be eligible for scholarships that enables candidates to study their degree with reduced financial burden. The most common type is the government funded Australian Postgraduate Award (APA), which provides a living stipend to students of approx $22,5000  per annum (tax free).  APAs are paid over 3 years and 6 month extensions are usually possible. Some universities also fund a similar scholarship that is equal to the APA sum. Recently,  consequent to cost cutting in research funding, such scholarships have become harder to get. But, APAs have become less competitive as the number of scholarships was to be doubled by 2012. As a result of rising living expenses, many Ph.D students have to live very frugally. As well as APA and University scholarships, Australians may consider applying for other scholarship funding, with the JASON Postgraduate Scholarship Database. Financial assistance may also be available, but you need to investigate where this is offered.

Scholarships for Higher Degree ie. higher than bachelor / undergrad degree :

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