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Listed below are useful Urls  linking to more information what  commonly available university degree subjects are,  to  help future students make informed decisions before applying  for admission to a university in any country or make a long term career choice which you might later find to be regrettable:  

 Make something work

Invent a new Video Game

Make new medical products

Help the sick

  • Dentist -repair teeth, extract teeth, enhance teeth beauty
  • Nursing – Assist doctors, work in hospitals
  • Optometry – assess people with vision  problems, recommend optical aids like glasses and contact lenses
  • Oral hygiene – advice people on how to maintain teeth and mouth health, cleaning, flossing etc
  • Pharmacist – dispense prescribed medications to customers, advise on choice of OTC drugs
  • Radiography– operate X Ray instruments
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine ( Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine )
  • Naturopathy– use of foods and herbs to maintain health
  • Physiotherapy– specialised physical exercise to help patients  recover from injury and illness
  • Chiropractic – spine alignment
  • Podiatry – feet
  • Reflexology – acupuncture focussed on feet
  • Iridology – diagnosing health from eye examination, not an exact science
  • Osteopathy – bones

Help the animals

Save  Planet Earth, make your world a better place to live

  • Renewable energy – Solar, wind farm turbines, geothermal, sea wave biofuel sources of energy
  • Solar Power – harnessing energy from sunlight
  • Environmental science – making your physical environment sustainable, cleaner and  safer by detecting poisons and other hazardous factors, implementing conservation
  • Urban planning – plan cities
  • OHS – Occupational Health & Safety – enforce laws to make workplace safer
  • Ecology  – studies the interrelation between living organism in a shared eco system
  • Conservation – making your environment cleaner, safer and minimising over exploitation and damage and disturbance to the ecological equilibrium
  • Sustainability – Find ways of using natural resources ( energy , minerals, plants) in a manner that doesn’t exhaust natual supply

Make something grow

  • Agriculture – the applied science of growing plants, crops for food and material harvesting
  • Botany – scientific study of plant life
  • Forestry – study of forests and  it’s conservation
  • Horticulture – plant cultivation for human usage

Connect with people

  • Communication studies – how humans commuincate, the medium and technology involved, related to media studies
  • Marketing – initiatives involved in promotion of  a company’s product to increase public awareness and sales
  • Market Research – an interdisciplinary area involving stats, psychology, marketing to gather information about target markets or customers.
    Increasing so, this area overlaps with ” Big Data ” / ” Data Science “
  • Visual Arts – art forms involving ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture,  and electronically created graphics
  • Visual Communication – drawings, signs, grahic design , web design images used to communicate specific messages
  • Big Data – IT based Predictive Analysis methods used in Marketing, Criminology , voting analysis etc Degrees required:  IT, Math, Stats, Psych,
  • Data science – an interdisciplinary field about processes and IT systems to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms, and is related to ” Big Data”
  • Media –  Broadcast, Print, Internet media etc –  various methods use to mass communicate with the public, newspapers, magazines, publication , internet, radio , television
  • English and other languages

Show me the Money !

  • Accounting / Accountancy -Balance books, check financial information of companies, forecasting, provide advice
  • Economics – the study of what humans and nations do to make a living and create wealth
  • Finance – how companies invest and raise money to fund projects and expenses, best path to becoming an Investment Banker
  • Marketing – initiatives involved in promoting  product to increase public awareness and sales
  • Actuarial science – study of risk, assessment and management, best path to become an Actuary
  • MBA– Master of Business Administration, best NOT taken immediately after a bachelor…but after several years of work experience….and only if you need it.

Connect  with IT

  • Computer Engineering  – fusion of Electronic engineering and Computer Science concepts to create new computer  technology ( at infrastructure level), with focus on hardware design ( microcontrollers, microprocessors, personal computers, and supercomputers, to circuit design )
  • Computer Science – programming, software development, database design and computing- more software focus, creating applications ( programs ) for consumers. No hardware focus.
  • Software Engineering  – writing computer code in a structured , disciplined and organised manner. No hardware focus.
  • Informatics – a generic term referring to Computer Science, IT, Information Systems, more commonly known as IT or ICT
  • Information Technology – generic term referring to all things Computer related ( Programming  , Technical Support, Database , Network / Systems Admin, Big Data  etc )
  • Bioinformatics – use of IT  to make advance in understanding human biology and medicine
  • Video and PC Games Development

Stay Healthy, help people eat right

Look to the Stars

  • Astrophysics – a specialised branch of Physics studying the cosmos, planets, stars , origin of the universe
  • Astronomy –   specialised branch of Physics studying the cosmos, planets, stars

Understand the laws of nature

Design Buildings

  • Architecture  design ( not build) the outer shape and inner shape of buildings

Find something old

  • Archaeology– digging , finding very old objects used by humans a very long time ago
  • Paleontology – studying the history of ancient bones to help us understand where we came from
  • Anthropology

Fly, manage airports. work with aircraft

Enforce justice

  • Lawyer
  • Policing
  • Criminology
  • Forensic science
  • IT Security


  • Political Science – how do societies organise themselves and delegate collect power
  • Sociology – Why people behave in certain ways in any given community  ie group behaviour as opposed to individual ( Psychology)
  • Social Work – help people & communities who are facing social challenges

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