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Faculties & Grad schools @ University of Melbourne, Vic 

Uni of Melbourne offers 6 broad undergraduate level degrees and several specialist degrees, including some eighty specialised academic fields. Many graduates proceed towards the workforce, while some continue to a post graduate qualification. Melbourne offers more than 270 graduate degrees in disciplines like architecture, engineering, dentistry, journalism, law, teaching, nursing, medicine, psychology, research and social work. MU runs a few other campuses around Victoria, in Burnley,  Southbank,  Dookie, Werribee and Creswick.

The list of study subjects may not be complete, it presents a quick view of academic topics available for study at this University of Melbourne. Please visit faculty webpages provided below or updated and comprehensive list of courses available at undergrad Bachelor, Master, PhD, Doctorate level at the University of Melbourne. 

Architecture,  Building & Planning


Business and Economics

Education and Teaching


Degrees in :

Melbourne School of Land & Environment


  • Law School
  • Melbourne JD (Juris Doctor)
  • The Melbourne Law Masters
  • Research – Melbourne Law Doctorates

Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

Melbourne School of Graduate Research


Degrees in:

Veterinary Science

Victorian College of Arts and Music

Victorian College of the Arts

  • Art
  • Performing Arts (Dance, Theatre, Production)
  • Film & Television
  • Contemporary Music (including Music Theatre)
  • Ideas
  • Centre for Cultural Partnerships
  • Indigenous Arts

Melbourne Business School

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  1. What could be the approximate cutoff score for admission in to computer science under graduate course in melbourne university as per the previous data available. How you calculate eqivalent score in CBSE (India) curriculum in comparison to Victorian curriculum

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