List of Australian Universities

The Australian University Directory is a convenient portal website intended to assist future students who wish to study in Australia, to identify and select courses at undergraduate – bachelor or post grad level (certificate, diploma, Master or PhD). Australian universities are among the best places for international students. The universities listed below are categorized by state location to help you find which institutions offer what degrees, programs and courses.   

You can see a long  list of courses at Australian universities, here.

                                                List of Australian Universities

New South Wales: NSWVictoria: Vic

Sydney, Newcastle, Wollonging, Armidale, Bathurst, New England

Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat

Queensland: QLD Western Australia: WA

Brisbane, Griffith, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast

Tasmania: TAS

* Hobart, Launceston, Perth, Freemantle

South Australia: SANorthern Territory: NT


Across Australia
Australian Capital Territory: ACT


  • Some  offer diplomas, post graduate qualifications and short courses targeting highly specific subjects.
  • Some degree of collaboration with TAFE level colleges offer even more study options
  • Degrees may be obtained via part time study at Australian universities associated with the Distance Education & Online Courses – Open Universities program.
  • This may be useful for students who plan to study but live in rural areas and unable to physically attend local universities. It  suits  stay-at-home moms who can study at home
  • Australian qualifications are highly sought after due to its high ranking in the academic world of university degrees.
  • Australian universities typically offer degrees at bachelor, master, doctoral ( research or coursework PHD) levels.
  • There are some 39 Australian universities scattered across all 6 states and 2 territories.
  • These institutions of higher learning include Government funded and privately run Australian universities.
  • Australian universities are legally sanctioned entities capable of granting degrees at bachelor, master and Doctoral level
  • Some Australian universities have branch campuses outside of Australia, such as in Sarawak, Malaysia


  • Worried about  rank, accreditation rating, teaching quality of a university? What is a good degree to take?
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  • Which univ offers what degrees for study and where ?
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  • Have you considered other academic fields with lower admission cutoffs ?
  • Can’t find useful info from admissions center websites like UAC, VTAC or QTAC ?
  • Why not study for Bachelor of  Engineering or Arts, or maybe something unrelated to tech like Media but unsure where to start?
  • Low UAI, TER,  OP or ATAR score – so what? Consider other colleges offering same courses at lower cutoff entrance/ admission requirement ?
  • Beware of dubious tertiary level colleges that charge high fees or you may end up here
  • Searching for info about off campus rental or shared accommodation ?
  • Find info on campus, student housing, boarding facilities online, distance learning education
  • How does Biochemistry differ from Bio Tech ?
  • The Australian government warns there will be a shortage of STEM graduates ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics )
  • Hope to develop new drugs or techniques to treat diseases? Consider biotechnology, biochemistry or Genetic engineering. What about cutting edge technology like NanoScale devices or Robotics? Why not study by Distance Education? Search for Open universities offering online distance learning or e-learning courses.
  • What do Mechanical Engineers do? What’s the difference between Computing from Software Engineering or Bachelor Computer Science? What’s the difference between web design and software development & programming ? What about  popular engineering disciplines – Renewable energy, Solar and Photovoltaics?
  • Which Design focussed Bachelor degree may I choose from if I’m visually creative ? Architecture ? Web, Graphic arts, fashion design, fine arts or even Town planning? Worried about green house gases, global warming, rising sea levels or declining amazon rain forest? Maybe consider Bachelor of Environmental science, forestry and ecological conservation studies. Wish to help improve the quality of life of humans or animal welfare? Try medicine, dentistry, nursing, dental and oral health courses or veterinary science. Fancy using Maths to make money ? How about Actuarial science ?
  • Why not take advantage of the natural wealth of the land? Try Geology, Geological sciences and Mines engineering, Wine making and Agricultural sciences. Like to be part of the growing significance of Australia as major financial services center in the Asia Pacific region ? Perhaps Accounting, Economics, finance or MBA suits your career aspirations. Wish to work in something more traditional and recession proof ?  Have you thought of a  career as a nurse/ nursing, teaching / teacher / education.
  • Which unis offer bursaries and scholarships for overseas students or scholarship for Ph.D or Master research based courses or double degree programs ?