Australian universities offering Health Science related academic courses at undergrad bachelor, postgrad master, PhD doctorate research degree courses are listed here.
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The following Health Science related disciplines are taught at several Australian universities. Visit the Health Science Faculty web-pages of each university which interests you and check out which are available :-

 ( many school leavers apply to this  three year program with the  naive hope it maybe a stepping stone into Medicine course. Typically only a tiny percentage succeed in getting admission into medical degree via this avenue.  Grads with Medical Science bachelor will find employment opportunities limited and not lucrative. Besides Medicine, grads with a Medical Science degree commonly find work in Pathology labs at starting salaries of $35-40K. Such a comparatively low starting salary is a consequence of supply exceeding demand within the Australian economy. It is wise to keep this in mind when choosing any degree to study. However, if you are a international student, the employment situation may be different if you are seeking employment in your home country. 

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