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Food is the best medicine, prevention is better than cure ! ….  Would you like to know more about studying Nutritional science courses at undergrad bachelor, postgrad diploma master, PhD degree levels at Australian universities might be of  interest. More non-Nutrition subject areas here.

  • Where can I  study to be a Nutritionist or Dietician  ?
  • What do Nutritionists and Dietitians do ?
  • Which uni offer online Nutrition or Dietetic science via distance learning ?
  • Dietitians and Nutritionists provide food related advice to people who are either unknowingly or knowingly malnourished, recovering from illness in hospital or at home for the purpose of restoring family health.
  • Unlike conventional medicine which focuses on ILLNESS and treating symptoms,  the goal of Nutrition and Dietetics  is WELLNESS and prevention of future illness by treating causes. The strategy is preventative in nature.
  • Doctors often like to spout the ancient adage, ” Prevention is better than cure “, yet the average ( non wholistic) doctor knows little about vitamins, minerals and nutritional principals. If not for this lack of knowledge, nutritionist and dieticians will have few jobs.
  • Such courses offer good employment opportunities in health care, fitness, food and nutrition industries as a dietitian /dietician, nutritionist in hospitals & clinics.
  • A minority of enlightened doctors and nurses realize the typical medical or nursing degree  omit teaching  much about the value of food and nutrition in wellness and healing. Consequently they choose to do additional study for a Bachelor in Nutrition to broaden their knowledge and understanding of the role of food,  nutrition in wellness,  healing  and health maintenance.
    Why the world needs Nutritionists, medical doctors are just not enough ….
  • Anecdotal evidence suggest many doctors ignore or are ignorant of  the vital role  food  & nutrition play in wellness.  Such doctors are illness focused and almost exclusively use drugs and drastic surgical procedures to ‘cure’ diseases …. Naturopaths, Nutritionists and dieticians, being wholistic, have an alternate perspective and stress the importance of  food in wellness and healing.
  • Like Traditional Chinese medicine, dieticians and nutritionist also believe that FOOD IS the BEST MEDICINE. Nutrition science and Dietetics may sometimes be offered under a Bachelor of Health Science degree course.
  • If you seek advice on effects of food on health,  perhaps it’s better to consult a nutritionist or dietician not a person with just a plain old medical degree.

What’s the difference between  nutritionists  & dietitians (dietician) ?

Nutritionists study for at least 3 years at university (which typically doesn’t include a 6 month practical stage) compared to Dietitian who  generally trains for 4 to 5 years at uni  (inclusive of practical component of at least 6 months).  An exception would be for an academic/ research nutritionist, who may have a doctorate or masters in nutritional research.

Typical admission requirements for Nutrition science, Dietetics:

  • Biology and/or Chemistry, English proficiency

New South Wales  : NSW

  • Bachelor of Exercise Science and Nutrition at Southern Cross University: SCU
  • Bachelor of Medical & Health Sciences at University of Wollongong : UOW
  • Bach  of Science course – Nutrition &  Dietetics : University of Sydney
  • Nutrition and dietetics degree courses – Uni of Newcastle
  • Bachelor of Health Science – Nutrition & Dietetics at Charles Sturt University

Victoria : VIC

Queensland : QLD

  • Bachelor of Public Health (Nutrition) courses at Griffith University
  • Nutrition & Dietetics degree course:  Queensland University of Technology: QUT
  • Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics:  University of the Sunshine Coast: USC
  • Nutrition degree course at James Cook University: JCU

Western Australia : WA

Tasmania offering : TAS

  • Nutrition & Dietetics courses at  University of Tasmania : UTAS

 South Australia  : SA

  • Bachelor of Nutrition Food Sciences course Uni of South Australia : UNISA
  • Nutrition and Dietetics degree courses at Flinders University
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  1. hi, im studying nutrition (not dietetics) at auckland uni right now, looking for a masters of pgdip in australia, which courses are the best?

  2. hi everyone…i’m undergraduate student….i would like to ask, can i change my course that i take now which is in bachelor of food studies to nutrition dietetics when i pursue in my masters soon?? n which university is the best to take a master?

  3. hi.
    ihave a master degree in animal i want know if i can study master of human nutrition,or how can i direct to human nutrition?

  4. hi everyone,
    i have BSc.Hons. in food science and technology fro agriculture university.anyone plz tell me that i want to become a nutritionist or ditetic so. wot should i do for this?i want to came in austrailia for this degree

  5. hi.
    i am from Latvia and i want to study nutrition, are you know some good universities? i need obligatory to have an exam-IELTS?

  6. Hello, I am looking to do distance learning in course in Nutrition and dietetics , could you please advise what type of courses your university can offer for me. I am postgraduate in Chemistry, but would like to persue some diploma course in the nutrition and dietetics.

  7. Hi, I’m considering studying a degree in Health Science (BSc) with Endeavour College, Sydney. Aim to become a Nutritionist.
    Is this a good college? I will be living in Sydney and my only options are to study in or around the city, and I only see one Uni that offers this and that’s the University of Sydney where I see it’s $36,000 a year!!! And very hard to get in due to limited places, so maybe endeavour is my only option. Please advise. Any info greatly appreciated. Tks

  8. i have bachelor degree in community health i want study master degree in nutrition and dietitian.
    how can i get an offer? please help me.

  9. Hello

    Thanks a lot for your website
    I have a Bachelor of physical education and sport science and master of Sport medicine and corrective exercise
    Now I like to earn my PHD in Nutrition , if possible guide me
    Thanks a lot

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