How to choose a course or degree

Do ALL dentist  and GPs ALWAYS make higher-than-average incomes ? The facts may surprise you !
The average GP makes $100,000,  on par with a typical of a 29 yo software programmer with 6 years experience  ( after a 3-4 year IT degree or merely  18 month TAFE Adv diploma ).

Does a teacher make more than an Accounting grad ?Do Math grads earn more than a Vet ? Yes !

What mistakes are MANY young people making that ruins their career ?


Critical questions that are useful in helping students arrive at better informed conclusions when considering a course or degree to study are discussed here. It’s probably good idea not to decide on a university or degree subject on a whim without carefully checking out what you’re getting into. Making a poor choice due to insufficient pre-emptive investigation or lack of a good selection criteria will cost you tears, time, money and financial and lost work opportunities. Consequence of picking a degree related to jobs which are not in demand.  Should I go for a TAFE diploma or University Degree ?

  • How to choose between 2 degrees that interest me ?
  • What other degrees are available which I may not have heard of ?
  • Which degree makes the most money, leads to high salaries?
  • Which degree is best  for getting a good job preferably that is recession proof ?
  • Which degree is easiest to get into or easy to pass ?
  • Which University offers the best course  for the subject I have chosen ?
  • Which degree suits me given my interest, academic strengths at school ?
  • ie. How to choose a university ?
  • Which university course is right for me given the country I live in ?
  • What  university is the best in Australia or does this even matter at all ?
  • Which institution offers distance learning education programs?
  • Which university should I go to given where I live in Australia ?

Suggested criteria for selecting a degree or subject area:

  • Is this  degree relevant or necessary for my chosen career path  ?
  • Will this degree lead me to a job that is highly paid ?
  • Do you like the subject matter of  this degree? Is it interesting to you?
  • Will this degree lead me to a job that is in high demand ?
  • Will this degree lead me to sustainable jobs, offering stable employment ?
  • What is  the course duration  ?  Is it a  3 , 4 5 or 6 year degree program ?
  • What is the male: female student ratio in this faculty ?
  • Do you know much about this subject matter ?
  • ( Campus life has always been and continues to present best opportunities  for young people to network  for dating and eventual marriage and procreation )
  • What HSC level subjects do I need for admission to a particular degree I am applying for ? Do I  meet these course perquisites ? Eg, If I want to study  Electrical Engineering  , what HSC subjects must I pass at Secondary school besides getting the required ATAR score ?
  • Is an undergraduate level qualification enough for the Australian workplace?
  • Is an Australian Master or doctorate PhD  necessary for employment  in this field?
    Eg Research roles,  Academia, Policy making etc
  • How far is the university campus away from my house or accommodation?
  • What is the cost of this degree program compared to other undergraduate degree courses  in Australia ?
  • Does this degree qualification lead to jobs that clashes with my personality type ?
    ( Eg. you  selected Accountancy  but you are an outdoorsy type , perhaps Environmental science may be better?)

Work environment and financial factors to think about:

  • Done indoor, outdoor, underground, in water in air?
  • Hands clean or dirty  at the end of the day?Have you thought about what life in Australia is like working in this area upon graduation? ( ie. working conditions )Located in a city or remote area like a mining town ?
  • Predominantly dealing with people, computers or machinery / equipment?
  • Involve  numbers, writing, speaking or creative ideas?
  • Highly stressful or relaxed?
  • Requires / allows casual, formal or uniformed dress code?
  • Puts you in contact with happy or troubled people on a daily basis?
  • Regular hours or  shift work or on 24/7 call duty?
  • What is the Male to female staff  ratio at this Uni ?
  • Have you done your homework in checking out the job prospects after graduation?
  • How much will this job pay as a fresh grad in Australia or your home country?
  • How much will this job pay after 5 years of  work in Australia or another country?
  • How viable is this job in 5  or 10  years time giving the changing economy, especially in Australia ?
  • Is this job in demand in Australia ? ( or whichever country you return to )
  • Is probable this job type may be outsourced to countries where labor is cheap? (Eg. China or India )
  • How do these salary figures compare with other jobs, other degrees  in the Australian economy?
  • Have you spoken to SEVERAL people currently employed in this job and got their unbiased opinion?

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