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Universities with Engineering or Applied Science faculties, departments or schools offer a wide range of disciplines at undergrad bachelor or postgraduate, certificate, diploma, master, doctorate PhD degree research courses are listed below. Other non-engineering courses here .

Browse through engineering specialization areas below for Australian universities offering degree courses :

  • Engineering – Various branches found here
  • Aerospace – Space and rocketry related
  • Aeronautical – Aircraft related
  • Biomedical  – often available as a major in Electrical, Electronic or Mechanical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering – design chemical plants, processes that manufacture chemicals etc
  • Civil, Structural – Building, bridges, towers, roads
  • Computer –  computer systems design with hardware focus
  • Electronic – design and application of electronics
  • Electrical   – design and implementation of electrical systems such as power, electricity supply, motors, machines, engines
  • Metallurgical Science, Materials -design and implementation of  metals, alloys and new materials
  • Mechatronic – design  and application of electro mechanical systems controlled by electronics and computers, related to robotics
  • Mining Engineering – design and implementation mining related equipment and systems
  • Mechanical  -design and implementation of mechanical equipment & instruments
  • Renewable, Sustainable Energy – design and implementation of non carbon  fuels such as wind, wave, solar, geothermal
  • Robotics & Automation – design and implementation of machines that replace tedious work done by humans
  • Solar Engineering – aka Photovoltaic, methods concerned with collecting and converting sunlight into useful energy
  • Software Engineering design and implementation of non application type software at Operating Systems level

Other specialisations of Engineering :

  • Industrial Engineering
  • Maritime Engineering
  • Geo-technical Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Genetic Engineering ( look under Biotechnology, Biochemistry or Molecular Biology )

For a peer discussion on Engineering  or Applied science related degree courses at top Australian universities, have a look at Bored of studies- forum. Engineering is often abbreviated as Eng, Engr, Engg.

Other non-engineering courses here .