engineering courses

Universities with Applied Science or Engineering faculties, departments or schools provide a wide range of disciplines at undergraduate bachelor or postgrad, certificate, diploma, master, doctorate PhD degree research courses at Australian universities are listed below.

Browse through engineering specialization areas below for Australian universities offering degree courses :

  • Engineering – Various branches found here
  • Aeronautical – Aircraft related
  • Aerospace – Space and rocketry related
  • Biomedical  – often available as a major in Electrical, Electronic or Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer – design computer systems at hardware level
  • Chemical Engineering – design chemical plants, processes that manufacture chemicals etc
  • Civil, Structural – Building, bridges, roads
  • Electronic – design and application of electronics
  • Electrical   – design and implementation of electrical systems such as power, electricity supply, motors & machines


  • Metallurgical Science, Materials -design and implementation of  metals, alloys and new materials
  • Mechatronic – design  and application of electro mechanical systems controlled by electronics and computers, related to robotics
  • Mining Engineering – design and implementation mining related equipment and systems
  • Mechanical  -design and implementation of mechanical equipment & instruments
  • Renewable, Sustainable Energy – design and implementation of non carbon  fuels such as wind, wave, solar, geothermal


Other specialisations of Engineering :

  • Genetic Engineering ( check  under Biotechnology, Biochemistry or Molecular Biology )
  • Maritime Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Geo-technical Engineering

For a peer discussion on Engineering  or Applied science related degree courses at top Australian universities, have a look at Bored of studies- forum. Engineering is often abbreviated as Eng, Engr, Engg.