renewable sustainable solar photovoltaic energy engineering

Solar science Photovoltaic Renewable Energy Engineering degree courses at undergrad bachelor, postgrad master, PhD doctorate research degree levels at Australian universities are listed below.
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Australia is among the best places to study Solar science, Photovoltaic and renewable energy engineering due to abundance of sunlight, convenient sea access, bio-diesel sources and wind. High efficiency Solar energy conversion together with other sustainable non polluting methods of energy generation are becoming more important politically as well as environmentally and economically as global awareness in pollution. Green house gases produced by hydrocarbon burning, CO2 increase and declining oil reserves (Peak Oil phenomenon) are topics of  great significance in global warming and fuel shortages. Perhaps you could be one to develop revolutionary zero carbon or carbon neutral output technology.
A degree in Renewable Energy or Solar/ Photo-voltaic Engineering prepares grads for careers in non carbon emitting, sustainable energy, energy production, electricity production industries.

As electrical power generation in Australia is coal based ( approx 80% ) Australia remains among the largest contributors to carbon emissions per capita globally. Consequently research and development into Renewable energy sources such as Photovoltaic, Solar, Wind turbines, wave turbines are highly appealing in terms of Australia environmental and economic concerns.
One of Australia’s billionaires, a Ph.D engineering graduate of University of New South Wales, Dr. Zheng Rong Shi made his fortune with Solar energy technology. He graduated from the
School of  Photovoltaic and Renewable Energy Engineering at UNSW.

If you already have a bachelor degree and wish to study for a Master degree, links listed below can still be used to access the faculty pages for more info about any Master program on offer.
Windmills, wind turbine farms, solar power, geothermal energy, bio-diesel, sea waves are examples of non hydrocarbon sources of renewable energy.

Typical admission requirements  :

  • Mathematics, Physics, English proficiency

New South Wales : NSW

  • Photovoltaic PV and Renewable Energy Engineering courses at University of New South Wales:  UNSW
  • Associate Degree of Applied Engineering (Renewable Energy Technologies) at TAFE (Mount Druitt, Newcastle, Ultimo locations)

Victoria : VIC

Western Australia : WA

South Australia : SA

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  1. hello. I am a master student(energy conversion) and realy interested in renewable energy field. but since studing in iran , having not enough professors and faculities I am planning to continue my studies(PHD or Master again) in other countries but i need a professr to support me.for my thesis i have to build a water heating solar system.may i count on your help?thanks and regards , sama.

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