TAFE certificate & advanced diploma

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TAFE certificate courses

  • Certificate I courses typically prepare a student  in base level skills to perform predictable, repetitive work.
  • Certificate II courses aims to prepare candidates for entry level positions or apprenticeships.
  • Certificate III courses is designed to train you to progress above entry-level role or transit to a  new career.
  • Certificate IV courses are can prepare you for supervisor and manager roles.
     –  more relevant to any students who intend to advance their careers in the industry they are presently working in.

TAFE diploma course 

  • Diploma
    Diploma level courses develop both broad and specific skills in professional, technical or creative fields. Planning, development and management skills are taught in TAFE diploma courses. Typically, the duration is over 1.5 years at full time pace.
  • Advanced Diploma
    Practical and professional skills are developed after taking Advanced Diploma courses. Typically Advanced diploma courses are conducted over a 2 to 3 year full time duration.

Course duration – how long does it take  to complete ?

TAFE courses are offered on Full or Part time basis, depending on the individual and their work schedule. Typically, students finish studies in 1-2 years, but as distance education is flexible, no formal completion dateline exist. TAFE certificate or diploma can be completed in 6 months, 1 or 2 years. Some TAFE courses are available to students still at secondary school.


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