Marketing courses

Marketing encompasses methods and techniques used in creating audience awareness and disseminate benefits of services provided and manufactured products to consumer societies using mainstream media means such as print, radio broadcast television and more recently internet web, social media and email advertising. Marketing is promotion of these items at a strategic level and differs form Advertising which is at a tactical level. Marketing deals with attracting and retaining consumers of goods and services being marketed .

Organisations utilise marketing research strategies to obtain insights of the role of marketing activities, consumer behavior, market characteristics and communication strategies. Students learn about identifying opportunities for firms, techniques for gathering market info, targeting market segments with different goods and services, and strategies to reach and retain customers. Marketing involves understanding practical psychology of consumer taste and behaviour, collection of consumer  data viamarket research surveys, statistical analysis testing.

New South Wales : NSW

  • Department of Marketing and Management at Macquarie
  • School of Marketing at UNSW
  • School of Management and Marketing at Charles Sturt Uni CSU
  • Graduate Certificate, Masters Marketing at Newcastle Uni
  • School of Management and Marketing at Wollongong Univ
  • UNE Business School : Marketing 
  • Bachelor of Business, Marketing Major at  SCU Southern Cross Uni
  • Marketing at ACU, North Sydney campus
  • Marketing at University of Sydney
  • Marketing at UTS

Victoria : VIC

  • Department of Marketing at Monash
  • School of Economics, Finance and Marketing at RMIT
  • Marketing at Deakin university
  • Department of Management and Marketing at Melbourne Uni
  • Marketing at La Trobe
  • Bachelor/ Master  of Commerce (Marketing) at Swinburne 
  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing) Victoria Uni
  • Marketing at ACU,  Melbourne campus
  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at Ballarat

Queensland : QLD

Western Australia : WA

South Australia : SA

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Typical job activities:

  • advise clients on advertising strategies and campaigns to reach target audiences, creating buyer awareness and promoting attributes o productss and services
  • analyse data regarding consumer patterns and preferences
  • interpret and predict  current and future consumer trends
  • coordinate production of advertising campaigns involving  artwork, copywriting, media scripting, TV and film production and media placement, within time and budget constraints
  • plan, develop and organise advertising policy and campaigns to enhance sales objectives
  • research potential demand and market characteristics for new goods and services and collect and analyse data and  statistical data
  • support  business growth and development via  the preparation and execution of marketing objectives, policies
  • commission and undertake market research to identify market opportunities for new and existing  products and services
  • advise on all  marketing aspects such as product mix, pricing, advertising and sales promotion, selling, and distribution channel