Biotech degree courses at undergrad bachelor, postgrad master, PhD doctorate research degree level at universities are in the list below.
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  • Australian universities have excellent facilities for Bio-technology studies
  • Besides ATAR, what are the Year 12 HSC prerequisite subjects  ?
  • What is the best university degree course for Biotechnology studies ?
  • Australian university degrees in Biotechnology  prepares grads for a career in research at CSIRO, research programs at Australian universities and other private biotech research organizations like CSL for the development of pharmaceutical and medical applications in cutting edge technologies such as molecular biology and genetic engineering
  • If you have already posses a bachelor degree and hope to study for a Masters or Research PhD degree in Biotechnology,  the links listed  below can still be utilized to access the faculty pages for more info  about  any Master program on offer.
  • Australian bio-technologists study and harness living organism for the production useful materials including food, medicine and chemicals.
    Bio technology is an applied science incorporating  biology, agriculture,  food science and medicine.

  • Current media refers to biotechnology as genetic engineering and cell-tissue culture technologies. Biotechnology is an applied science aspect of  BioChemistry
  • Bioengineering is a related discipline with its more focus on mechanical and higher systems approaches to interacting with living organisms. Biotechnology is closely related to Biochemistry.
  • Biotechnology is a collaboration of scientific methods taken from pure biological sciences such as genetics, microbiology, animal cell culture, molecular biology, biochemistry, embryology, cell biology)

Typical admission requirement :

  • Chemistry, Biology,  Mathematics, English proficiency

New South Wales : NSW

Victoria : VIC

Queensland : QLD

  • Bachelor of Biomedical Science University of the Sunshine Coast: USC
  • Bachelor of Biomolecular Science with Honours at Griffith University
  • Bachelor of Biotechnology at  James Cook University: JCU
  • Bachelor of Biotechnology degree at University of Queensland : UQ

Western Australia : WA

Tasmania : TAS

South Australia : SA

Australian Capital Territory  : ACT

  • Bachelor of Biotechnology at  Australian National University:  ANU

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