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The minimum Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) needed for admission to an Education degree course dropped sharply in 2014 by some 20 points at one university, according to latest admission data. For that year, it was easier to gain admission into a teaching degree. Teaching is a profession that enables you to pursue many challenging and rewarding roles. As a most respectable choice of employment, it provides a range of work options both abroad and within Australia. More non-Education subject areas here.

With recent government pledges totaling $9.8 billion to schools over the next 5 years and some $1 billion investment in early childhood education, it is a good time to get a role in teaching. Education, teacher training and Early Childhood Education courses at post graduate diploma, certificate, undergraduate bachelor, master, Ph.D level degree at universities in Australia are listed below.

  • Besides ATAR, what are the prerequisite subjects at HSC Year 12?
  • I have a 3 or 4 year non-Education degree, how can I convert it to qualify as a teacher ?
  • Which universities can I apply to for an online distance education degree or postgraduate diploma course in Education, Teaching ?
  • I have a non Education bachelor degree, is it still possible to get into teaching ?
  •  In 2013, 4 year trained teachers start at $59,706.  Salary increases are by annual increments subject to satisfactory performance, with our most experienced classroom teachers earning $89,050.
  • The media loves to report that recent graduates have trouble finding permanent employment let alone employment as a teacher. These media reports do the nation a major injustice by failing to explain the whole picture.  They do not  inform that in SOME cases, there is indeed an oversupply.  Eg. there may be an oversupply of teachers prepared to teach only English or History ie the ‘easy ‘ subjects .  ‘ Harder ‘ subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology ( Sciences ),Maths and IT  experience severe shortages of qualified grads.  As well there may be an oversupply of  primary school teachers, but not in secondary teaching.  One may find it easier to get teaching jobs in non city or non ‘popular’ suburbs. To top it off,  a severe gender disparity exists as well, male teachers are in demand as female outnumber male teachers in many many schools across the nation – this being an issue as many young children coming from broken homes or absent-father families, lack a male role model.
  • Is it better to take a 4 year Education degree or enhance a non Education degree with a post grad teaching diploma ( 9 month  or 12 month ) ?
  • A bachelor degree in Education or Teaching offers university graduates excellent employment opportunities as teachers in education / teaching / training industry in private and public schools at pre-school  primary and secondary level.
  • Masters degree  in Education and distance learning courses are other options
  • What can I study to be a school teacher in early childhood education ?
  • Teachers typically teach subjects like Arithmetic, Mathematics, Science, IT, Physics, Chemistry Biology, English, Foreign languages, History, Geography, Arts, Physical Education, Home Economics, Wood work, metal work, Music, Agriculture etc
  • Do not worry about getting stuck with one subject. Having a degree in Physics does not mean Physics is all you are allowed to teach for the rest of your  life. Many ” further training ” and ” self development ” courses are available to help you qualify to teach a  different subject for which you did not study at Uni , Eg. a Chemistry grad may take further courses and expand his teaching repertoire to include Biology or Maths, or a Music grad may teach English, Physical Education or even IT.
  • If you already have a bachelor degree other than a Bachelor of  Education, in most  cases you only need to complete an additional 12 month Graduate Diploma (some  Unis offer a 9 month accelerated program) to gain eligibility to become a teacher. That is all one needs to  begin a career in teaching. However the  12 month post grad diploma  as a path to teaching, is changing in 1-2 years…please check with the university of your choice exactly what these changes are.
  • Starting salaries of new teachers are among the highest among the graduate profession ( ranging between AUD$50K-56K ) . Teacher salaries are typically higher than the average Australian weekly earnings and a beginning teacher’s salary is above the average salary for new grads. NSW teachers are among the best paid teachers in Australia.  Check it out here.
  • Teaching is among the most important and rewarding professions. You may have only heard of the frustrations and stress that teachers face. Whilst all that is true, it might be helpful to keep in mind  teaching is a labour of love. A teacher shapes the future of the nation by the attitudes, beliefs and values he/ she instills in his/ her students. Contrary to popular belief, it is not a dead end career….. consider these people:-
  • Famous former teachers: John BrumbySteve Bracks ( former VIC Premiers ), STING, Gene Simmons ( KIZZ),  Alexander Graham Bell ( telephone inventor),  Lyndon Johnson ( US President 1967 )

Advantages of teaching  you may not be aware of:

  • As a teacher you will typically enjoy 3 month holidays a year. For some, this is an excellent opportunity to pursue other side interest which are probably best not pursued as a main source of income Eg Music, drama,dance, art , sports etc etc. In some cases, you may be interested in taking on a substitute teacher role, the flexibility allows you to pursue other activities where income stream is not as certain as teaching.
  • As well, with the advent of online business, it is possible  to run a viable internet based business whilst holding a day job as a teacher so long as there are no conflict of interests
  • Not interested in teaching at a public school ? Conditions differ at Catholic schools or Private schools
  • Not interested in naughty under 12 s?  Consider secondary school teaching
  • Not interested in teaching rebellious teens ? Consider early education or Primary suits you better ?
  • Consider working at private schools ?

Universities offering Education, teacher training courses :

New South Wales : NSW

  1. NOTE:  The Graduate Diploma program in Education at Macquarie will not be offered after 2013 ends.  It’s replacement is the 2 year full-time Bachelor of Education (Secondary).  More info  about this new program will be available later.
  • Study at Uni of Sydney to qualify as a teacher
  • Bachelor of Education at Univ of New England : UNE
  • Master of Teaching at USyd  (suits applicants who already have a bachelor  degree and seek teaching qualifications )
  • Education degree, courses at University of Technology, Sydney : UTS
  • Teaching and Education@ University of Western Sydney : UWS
  • Education at  University of Wollongong : UOW
  • Education at Southern Cross Uni : SCU
  • Education degrees : Univ of Newcastle
  • Education  at University of New South Wales : UNSW
  • Education courses at Australian Catholic Univ ACU

 Victoria  : VIC

Queensland : QLD

  • >> Becoming a teacher in Queensland
  • Graduate Diploma in Education at University of Queensland:  UQ
  • University of Southern Queensland: USQ
  • University of the Sunshine Coast:  USC : Education
  • Education degree at Griffith university
  • Education course at Australian Catholic University: ACU
  • Queensland University of Technology : QUT
  • Education at James Cook University:  JCU
  • Education at James Cook University:  JCU

 Western Australia : WA

Tasmania : TAS

  • >> Teaching in Tasmania
  • University of Tasmania : UTAS in Hobart

 South Australia : SA

Northern Territory : NT

Australian Capital Territory : ACT

Other universities in Australia offering Teaching, Education :

More non-Teaching subject areas here.

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  1. hi,
    I’m looking at studying a Graduate Diploma in Teacher- Primary, on-line and part-time. I already have a BA and I am teaching in a NSW private school with NSW teacher conditional accreditation. I now need to complete part-time a Grad Dip in Primary Teaching. Could you please email me a list of appropriate courses/universities. I have been searching on line for hours trying to find the appropriate one. many thanks,
    Corinne Pixton

  2. Could someone please help me,
    I have a Degree in Computing and am interested in getting into Teaching,
    Am i able to just do a Diploma of Education?

  3. Assistance needed please!!
    I am currently completing a Health Sciences degree and have decided I would like to do a grad dip once I have completed the bachelor course.
    I would like to know if it matters what majors I choose in the degree, keeping in mind it is primary school teaching I am interested in pursuing?
    The following are the majors I have to choose from:
    Exercise Science
    Family, Society and Health
    Food Studies
    Health Promotion
    Human Services
    People, Society and Disability
    Physical Activity and Health
    Sport Coaching
    Which would be best for securing a primary school teaching job if any?
    Also, the course is a generic course and I have a feeling I would most likely need to do honours to specialise in a field. Do I have to do honours, then do my grad dip?

    Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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