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Urban and Regional Planning is considered by some to be the most underrated degree at university. In spite of  above average employment rates and attractive starting salaries, few people apply despite the median starting salary being at a respectable $50K and 81% of grads end up as full-time employees working in this field. More here .

These courses focus on spatial planning to develop, preserve and enhance built environments. You ]will study to analyze, and influence the variety of agents of change, social, economic, cultural, legal, political, ecological, and aesthetic which dwell in the built environment.   

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Urban, Town or City Planning courses at undergraduate bachelor, post graduate diploma, master, Ph.D doctorate research degree levels at universities in Australia are listed below. Imagine  shaping the way whole urban areas develop. This is  the job of a planner. Few other careers enable one to make such a profound impact on the environment.  

  • Where can I study to be a City or Town Planner ?
  • What can I do with a degree in City Planning ?
  • Besides ATAR,  what are the prerequisite HSC Year 12 subjects ?
  • An undergraduate  university degree course in Town Planning or Urban development leads to a career in Architecture, Government – City Councils, City Planner, Urban Designer, Regional Planning and professional consultancies.
  • Grads work in local city planning departments, state and national agencies, private consulting firms, non profit organizations, development companies, and other public and private institutions
    Urban,  town or city  planning integrates land usage and transport planning to enhance and optimize  built and social environment of communities.
  • Students investigate the issues and ideas shaping the development & conservation of the environment. They are at the front end of decisions that shape some significant issues in our lives, such as how residents deal with climate change, where and how jobs might be created, how we might regenerate places, where people might live, and how we might travel.
  • Town planners assist  communities make big decisions about where development may occur, but also which types of environment might be protected and its reasons.

  • Regional planning is an extension of this at a bigger picture level.
    Increasingly Transport, roads planning and vehicular traffic flow management have become significant issues within  city planning .
  • Degrees in Town or Urban Planning degree offer graduates excellent employment opportunities in CityPlanning as a Town planner. Urban and regional planner develop policies and plans for the efficient and safe use of land and surrounding resources. They also provide advice on economic, environmental, social and cultural of the area in question where built environment is seen to have an impact on local community.
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Urban & Town Planning courses are available here:

New South Wales: NSW

Victoria : VIC

  • Urban Planning at Uni of Melbourne – Doctorate & Master programs available
  • Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology : RMIT Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning

Queensland: QLD

  • Queensland University of Technology : QUT
  • Town Planning at University of Queensland : UQ
  • Bachelor of Planning at James Cook University : JCU
  • Griffith University: Master of Urban and Environmental Planning


Western Australia : WA

Australian Capital Territory : ACT

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