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Would you like to be part of the force for environmental improvement by identifying polluters and pollutants, protecting  plants and animals that live in an places, from contamination and damage caused in the name of progress ? Can you make a difference to the pollution and contamination of the atmosphere, the land and water around us? Environmental Science degree courses at undergraduate bachelor, postgraduate master, Ph.D doctorate research level at Australian universities are in the list below for the next academic year. Other non environmental courses here.

  • What kind of  jobs can I do with an Environmental Science degree ?
  • Which Aussie universities offer bachelor degrees in Environmental Science ?
  • Besides ATAR, what are the prerequisite Year 12 HSC subjects ?
  • Which are  the best universities to study Environmental  Science, Conservation or Ecology in Australia ?
  • Degrees in Environmental Science offer grads the best preparation for employment as Environmental scientists, Ecologists, Conservationist in environmental consulting services like Soil testing, Water testing, Air and atmospheric quality testing &  management of natural resources
  • Australian legislation passed in the last decade related to environmental safety translates to more jobs in Australia in the Environmental Science and Sustainability, Earth Friendly practices  field.
  • Environmental science is an Applied Science comprising physical sciences (chemistry, physics, geography, biology, geology, ecology, resource technology and engineering) and social sciences (conservation and resource management, demography, economics, politics and ethics). It covers the physical surrounding conditions that affect humans and other living creatures. Natural and man made resources depend on each other, the use or misuse of each affects the other. Environmental science significance started to gain momentum in 60s.

Environmental science majors and related employment can be grouped into 5 areas:

  • Geographical Information System GIS (Computers, maps, indoor job )
  • Geology focus – water & soil testing,  contaminants, asbestos removal management, drilling rigs – outdoorsy work
  • Waste disposal management, asbestos removal etc – provide advice to councils
  • Environmental Planning: Policy, legislation for new housing/ industrial development suburbs
  • Ecology: Flora, fauna & fish, trapping animals relocating them to safer sanctuaries, managing noxious weeds

Typical admission requirements for Environmental Science degree:

  • Chemistry and/or Physics and/or Biology and English proficiency

New South Wales : NSW

  • Environmental Engineering : UTS
  • Bachelor of Environmental Science at University of Western Sydney : WSU
  • Environmental Science studies at University of Sydney
  • Environment and Geography at Macquarie University
  • School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences (BEES) at  University of New South Wales : UNSW
  • School of Environmental & Rural Science University of New England : UNE
  • Bach of Environmental Science at Southern Cross University :  SCU
  • Environmental Sciences courses at Charles Sturt University :  CSU
  • Earth and Environmental Science at University of Wollongong :  UOW
  • Bachelor of Environmental Biology University of Technology, Sydney :  UTS
  • Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Environmental Science, University of Technology, Sydney : UTS

Victoria : VIC

Queensland : QLD

  • College of Marine and Environmental Sciences  :  JCU
  • Bachelor of Business and Environmental Science :  JCU
  • Ecology, Environmental Engineering, management, marine sciences courses at  University of Queensland : UQ
  • Bachelor of Environmental Science at Central Queensland University
  • Griffith School of Environment at Griffith University
  • Bach of Environmental Science at University of the Sunshine Coast:  USC

Western Australia : WA

Tasmania : TAS

  • Bach of Environmental Science at University of Tasmania : UTAS

 South Australia : SA

Northern Territory: NT

  • Environmental & Life Sciences degrees at Charles Darwin University : CDU

Other universities offering Environmental Science :

Australian Capital Territory  :

  • Environment and Society studies at Australian National University : ANU
  • Bachelor of Environmental Science at University of Canberra

Typical job activities

  • conduct  environmental impact assessments for development projects
  • evaluate habitat, wildlife and fisheries needs, and identify management goals and objectives
  • propose solutions to handle negative environmental impact
  • study effects of factors  such as terrain, altitude, climate and environment change, nutrition sources, predators and the impact of humans, on plant and animal  life
  • enforce laws and regulations to conserve and protect fish and wildlife
  • study  and analyse  pollution, atmospheric conditions, demographic characteristics, ecology, mineral, soil and water samples
  • develop conservation and management policies for biological resources, such as fish populations and forests, and establishing standards and develop approaches for the control of pollution and the rehabilitation of areas disturbed by activities such
  • implement policies and organise activities in designated parks and other areas to conserve and protect natural and cultural heritage
  • management planning by providing environmental info and create inventories of plants, animals and items of cultural and heritage significance

Other non environmental courses here.

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